Does My Tablet Have Bluetooth?

In a day and age where we need and demand our gadgets to have wireless capabilities, it is important for our tablets to have Bluetooth because of how we need to make sure that we are able to connect with other devices wirelessly. Still, even though Bluetooth should be a standard in most mobile smart devices nowadays, there probably are still some tablets out there that don’t have Bluetooth. So, does my tablet have Bluetooth?

Your tablet most probably has Bluetooth because it has become a standard that all tablets should be Bluetooth-enabled today. Moreover, one of the standards of Google in relation to its Android OS is that tablets that carry Android should come with minimum requirements, which include Bluetooth.

That said, it’s going to be a real travesty if your tablet doesn’t come with Bluetooth because much of the most important things that you can do with a tablet relies on Bluetooth such as connecting it to other phones and tablets or using wireless keyboards or mice. As such, while there probably are still some tablets that don’t have Bluetooth especially the really cheap ones, you shouldn’t worry about your tablet if you are sure that you purchased it at a good price from a good company.

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Does your tablet have Bluetooth?

One of the most amazing things about today’s modern world revolves around Bluetooth technology due to how it allows us to use different things wirelessly. Gone are the days when we have to rely on wires when we are connecting one device to another because Bluetooth has allowed us to work and play without the use of wires as we are now able to connect multiple devices with one another wirelessly.

Of course, the fact that Bluetooth technology is still constantly evolving and improving is what makes it great as Bluetooth has made it possible for us to be able to connect one device to multiple other devices so that we can actually work and use peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and headphones wirelessly on just one single device such as a laptop, phone, and a tablet.

Speaking of tablets, the fact that tablets are so portable and convenient to use is what makes them very popular. So, in line with its convenience, a tablet should have all of the different features that will allow it to be as convenient as it should be. And if you want a smart device to be convenient and easy to use, you have to look at whether or not it comes with Bluetooth to truly say that it is worth every penny.

After all, a tablet that comes with Bluetooth will allow you to use it wirelessly without even worrying about whether or not you can connect it with other devices. And we are not only talking about devices such as wireless keyboards and mice but also other smartphones and tablets. Since there are no wired connections that you can make from one tablet to another, you have to rely on Bluetooth if you want to connect your tablet with another similar device especially when you are sending files.

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So, does your tablet have Bluetooth?

While there probably are cheap tablets out there that don’t come with Bluetooth, the good news is that tablets that come from reputable companies and are priced well enough and not too cheaply will most likely come with Bluetooth included. That’s because Bluetooth has become a standard that tablets should carry especially because a lot of the things that make a tablet convenient to use rely a lot on its Bluetooth technology. Without Bluetooth, a tablet won’t be as good as it should be.

Moreover, if you are carrying a tablet that is marketed as a smart device, then it should follow that it should have Bluetooth. All iOS and Android devices should come with Bluetooth especially when it comes to Android because Google requires that one of the minimum features that a smartphone or tablet should have is Bluetooth.

However, some tablets that are too stripped down and don’t come with the smart features that most other tablets come with likely don’t come with Bluetooth. A good example is the Amazon Kindle, which comes with the usual tablet form factor but is marketed as an E-reader that is only used for reading books and documents and nothing else.

There are also some other tablets that are probably stripped down to the point that you can no longer regard them as smart devices due to their apparent lack of smart features. This means that there is a good chance that such tablets don’t come with Bluetooth and probably only come with basic Wi-Fi features.

In any case, if you did indeed get your tablet from a reputable company that is known for selling good smart devices such as tablets, you shouldn’t worry about whether or not your tablet does indeed come with Bluetooth because the most likely cause is that it should come with Bluetooth. Just don’t be surprised if your amazingly cheap tablet doesn’t come with it though.

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How to check if your tablet has Bluetooth?

If you want to make sure that your tablet does indeed come with Bluetooth, it really is pretty simple.

  • Tap on the settings of your Android tablet. This can be found in the list of apps or in the drop-down menu when you drag the top of your screen down.
  • In the settings, there should be a Bluetooth option there if your tablet does indeed come with Bluetooth. If the option isn’t there, then it might mean that your tablet doesn’t come with Bluetooth.

However, the fastest way for you to tell if your tablet has Bluetooth is to from the quick settings in the drop-down menu of your tablet. Again, the drop-down menu is the menu that appears when you swipe down from the top of your tablet’s screen. In most cases, you should be able to find the Bluetooth icon found right next to the Wi-Fi icon because this is the default for most tablets or smart devices.

If it isn’t there, you may need to check the settings of your tablet to make sure that it does have Bluetooth. So, if the settings don’t show that your tablet has Bluetooth, then your tablet probably doesn’t have it. But such an instance should be very rare as there are hardly any reputable tablets that don’t come with Bluetooth.

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How can you use Bluetooth to connect to other devices?

If you want to connect your tablet to other devices using Bluetooth, this is what you need to do:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the quick settings menu. Turn on Bluetooth by tapping on the Bluetooth icon found next to the Wi-Fi icon.
  • In the Bluetooth settings found in the Settings of your tablet, you can find other Bluetooth devices with their Bluetooth enabled.
  • Tap on the device that you want your tablet to connect to so that you can confirm the pairing process.
  • Slave devices such as speakers, headphones, mice, and keyboards don’t need confirmation when you want to pair with them as long as you know the passkey that comes with these devices. Just enter the passkey on your tablet.
  • Meanwhile, other smart devices such as phones and tablets will require confirmation on their end if you want to pair with them. Just confirm the pairing on the other phone or tablet and the two devices will now be connected.


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