How Long Do Samsung Tablets Last?

Samsung tablets are some of the most popular tablets in the world as they are second only to Apple iPads in terms of their overall command over the tablet market. Still, Samsung tablets are the best when it comes to their sales among all Android tablets. But, as great as your Samsung tablet may be, it won’t last forever. So, how long do Samsung tablets last?

Most experts say that you should replace your Samsung tablet when it is within 4 to 6 years old already. There is no definite timetable as to how long Samsung tablets last because they are good as long as they are capable of running and as long as they can still handle your demands.

As hardy and as durable as Samsung tablets are, they don’t last forever not only in terms of their parts and hardware but also in terms of their specs. That’s because the demands of modern computing will change and only become more demanding as our tablets get older and slower. This is why you need to know how long your Samsung tablet will last so that you can start preparing your budget for your next tablet.

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How long do Samsung tablets last?

When it comes to the tablet market, Samsung is still head and shoulders above all of its competitors in the Android playing field and is second only to Apple in terms of its hold over the tablet industry. That’s because Samsung tablets have great specs and features and are quite long-lasting when it comes to their hardware and software capabilities. But how long do Samsung tablets last?

The truth is that the lifespan of a Samsung tablet is actually pretty much very dependent on the user itself such that there is no definite timetable for how long most Samsung tablets will last. There are simply a lot of different factors that need to be taken into consideration when you are looking at the lifespan of a Samsung tablet. And this usually involves the specs of the tablet, the demands of the user, and the amount of care put into the tablet.

For one, the specs of the Samsung tablet are great determinants of how long it will last because tablets with higher specs and are more expensive tend to be more durable and more resistant to getting obsolete. So, as time goes by and the demands of modern computing change and become heavier, your tablet will begin to become slower and slower not only due to the higher demands of modern times but also due to how its parts will eventually wear down and become slower.

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In that regard, if you go with a cheaper tablet, expect that it will become obsolete in a few years. It will still be usable in terms of its overall capabilities but you might have trouble with how slow it is to respond. On the other hand, a more expensive Samsung tablet might give you 4 to 6 years before it becomes too slow and too obsolete for modern times.

You also have to look at your own demands when it comes to how you use your tablet. When you play games and use processor-heavy apps, you are more likely to replace your Samsung tablet sooner than later especially when its specs can’t hold up anymore and its battery has begun to deteriorate. On the other hand, people who only use their tablets for regular purposes such as browsing and reading will be able to milk their tablets for as long as the tablets can hold up. And that can be an indefinite period of time.

Finally, the amount of care will actually be an important thing to look at when you want to determine how long a Samsung tablet will last. Naturally, a tablet that isn’t well taken care of will only last for as long as its parts can hold up. This is quite common in tablets that are handled by children and by people who are always on the go.

On the other hand, tablets that are always given the highest level of care, your tablet will be able to last indefinitely so long as you are willing to pay for battery replacements every 4 to 6 years because no amount of care can allow a tablet’s battery to last very long.

When should I replace my tablet, according to experts?

So, while we did say that you should hold onto your tablet for as long as it can handle your demands in terms of its specs and physical capabilities, it becomes an entirely different matter when it comes to the experts. That’s because, no matter how much care you put into your Samsung tablet, it will still be a slave to the developers who are responsible for providing it with software updates.

Software updates are important to the overall functionality of the tablet because they fix bugs and improve the security features of your tablet. This is why you should always update your Samsung tablet to the latest software.

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But, then again, Samsung tends to have a limit to how long it will provide updates for its products. In most cases, Samsung tablets can last for about 4 to 6 years in terms of their support from the developers. Some tablets will stop receiving updates in 4 years while the more expensive tablets will be able to have software updates for up to 6 years.

That said, experts say that the usual timetable for replacing your Samsung tablet should be around 4 to 6 years depending again on the specs and price of your tablet. This is not a case of whether your tablet is still capable of sustaining your demands but is more of a safety issue because of how tablets that are no longer supported by the developers are at risk to security attacks. As such, you may want to take this into consideration when you are thinking about replacing your Samsung tablet after it has reached 4 years of age.


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