How Long Do Xiaomi Laptops Last?

Xiaomi is a relatively new player in the electronics industry and it has been in the laptop wars for only a few years since it introduced the Mi Notebook, which promises to be one of the more affordable “premium” laptops in the market. And while Xiaomi does offer products that are a lot more affordable compared to their competitors, you might begin to wonder about the Mi Notebook’s overall quality. So, how long do Xiaomi laptops last?

Based on the build quality of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook, we can say for sure that it was made to be a durable and long-lasting product that can stand up against its competitors. There is still no consensus as to how long a Xiaomi laptop can last because of how they haven’t been in the market long enough.

The common misconception that people usually have when it comes to non-American brands is that they don’t have the same durability and long-lasting quality that come with some of their more popular western counterparts. Still, even though Xiaomi laptops are made to be more affordable compared to other laptops that come with the same specs, you can be sure that it will actually surprise you in how long it will last.

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How long do Xiaomi laptops last?

One of the more surprising names in the electronics market today has been Xiaomi, which has become quite successful in the smartphone industry due to how the brand has released amazing phones with high-quality specs but with prices that fall way below what you are usually used to when you see the same features in other brands such as Samsung and Apple. This is why the Chinese brand Xiaomi is becoming quite popular not only in Asia but throughout the entire globe as well.

After the success it has seen in the smartphone industry, Xiaomi has decided to try its hand in the laptop market by introducing the Xiaomi Mi Notebook line of laptops that promise to be similar to their smartphones in the sense that they come with premium features at prices that fall below premium. These laptops have become quite appealing because they usually fall under $1,000 in terms of their price but they actually have features and specs that are similar to that of laptops that have prices north of $1,000.

So, while Xiaomi’s laptops have indeed become surprising in terms of the specs they offer at a price that might not seem much, people are beginning to wonder whether or not you are sacrificing price for longevity and quality here. After all, we are so used to seeing products that actually last long precisely because they are expensive. In this case, how long do Xiaomi laptops even last?

The consensus right now as to how long Xiaomi laptops will last is still out of the window because these laptops haven’t been in the market long enough (introduced sometime in 2019 and 2020 in select parts in Asia) for people to know how truly long-lasting, or otherwise, these laptops are.

However, the initial consensus is that these laptops are going to last longer than what you would expect out of a laptop that falls under $1,000 or even just a bit over $600. In most cases, laptops that are as cheap or as affordable as Xiaomi’s Mi Notebook don’t tend to last for more than 3 years. But you will be amazed at how Xiaomi’s laptops actually come with the build quality that will allow them to last for more than 3 or probably even 5.

This means that price doesn’t always dictate the quality and longevity of the product. In Xiaomi’s case, they are more than capable of selling products at lower prices precisely because of how it is much more affordable to manufacture products at a low cost in China and sell them in select parts all over Asia.

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What factors contribute to a Xiaomi laptop’s longevity?

At this point, you already know that Xiaomi laptops may be able to last for a longer time than one would expect in terms of their price. But you might begin to wonder why that is so. As such, what are the factors that contribute to making Xiaomi laptops surprisingly long-lasting?

Build quality and design

Unlike plenty of other laptops that you can see from western brands and from companies that tend to rule the laptop industry, what’s going to surprise you about Xiaomi’s laptops is that they come with a premium aluminum build right off the bat. It’s something you wouldn’t expect, since most laptops that cost the same as Xiaomi’s have plastic parts that are flimsy and less durable.

The fact that Xiaomi laptops are made from aluminum already adds to the longevity of the products. That’s because aluminum laptops are able to handle the constant wear and tear of travel and movement on a regular basis. They can also handle getting a few bumps here and there without damaging the outer shell and allowing the inner parts and components to absorb some of the hits that the outer shell can’t take. As such, expect the aluminum exterior to be the first line of defense against any damages that the interior might take.


This should be one of the downsides of a Xiaomi laptop in terms of its longevity. While most of the popular laptop brands tend to have good batteries that will last quite long when you take good care of them well enough, Xiaomi laptop batteries aren’t the best. This may be due in part to poorer quality control on the part of Xiaomi’s manufacturing plants as, in most cases, Xiaomi laptop batteries tend to deteriorate quickly enough to the point that some users say that they have experienced poor battery life a year after buying the laptop.

Still, you should factor in how well enough the battery was taken care of. But the fact of the matter here is that this should be an area of improvement for Xiaomi if it wants to have a laptop that will last quite long. Rest assured, however, that the battery won’t affect the laptop’s overall longevity.

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The surprising part about Xiaomi is in its specs because it comes with specs that are similar to the ultrabooks and flagship laptops that some of the other laptop brands have. As such, even with an entry-level Xiaomi Mi Notebook, you can expect your laptop to last longer in terms of how long it will take for you to realize that the laptop’s specs and performance have become obsolete.


Finally, one of the reasons why Xiaomi laptops might be able to last for a long time is that these laptops are expected to be used for everyday use only and not for hardcore gaming. While there is actually a separate laptop model for gaming in Xiaomi’s roster, expect that most of their laptops are designed for those who use the laptops for light work such as watching movies, word processing, and simple programming.

As such, because Xiaomi laptops are not expected to be heavily used, there is a good chance that they are going to last for a longer period compared to laptop brands that are on the heavy side in terms of usage.


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