How to Protect the Keyboards in Tablet Mode

If you use the 2-in-1 keyboard in tablet mode, you need to ensure that you set it right to protect the keys. Failure to do so may exert force on the keys and end up depressing them. So, how can you protect your keyboard in tablet mode?

When using the tablet mode, first ensure that you set the keyboard on a super soft and surface to protect it. Also, you should avoid setting it down on wet things or those that have some small particles as they can get into the keys. Most importantly, you should buy a cover for your keyboard.

There are various ways you can protect your keyboard when using it in tablet mode to prevent it from sliding and ensure the keys remain intact. In this article, I will be discussing how you can protect your keyboard on a tablet, the best way to use the keyboard when on tablet mode, and much more. Read on!

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 Does Tablet Mode Cause Damage on the Keyboard?

Working on the laptop when it is in tablet mode will ultimately damage the keys on the keyboard, but this depends on how you place the keyboard. Usually, when launching the tablet mode, the keys will contact the surface or with your working environment. So, if anything goes wrong or fails to place the keyboard well, then the keys will damage.

If the working surface is rough, it hurts the keyboard, and maybe some keys may end up falling off. Also, when the surface is dirty or wet, the dirt and wetness enter the keyboard and clog it, slowing down its functioning. Moreover, some surfaces tend to make the keys sink in therefore making them not work well.

How Can You Protect the Keyboard in Tablet Mode?

When working with the keyboard in tablet mode, then the keys for it will, in most cases, be at the back. While this allows for easy navigation on the tablet when working, it may cause harm to the keys. Therefore, such includes pressing them hard, distorting them, and maybe some small particles may enter into the keys.

For this reason, there is a need to protect the keyboard or set it safe when working in tablet mode. One easy way to protect your keyboard in tablet mode is by getting a cover for it. Usually, the sleeve case will always come in handy and will work for most keyboards, and you can always get a good one from most stores.

The sleeve covers help prevent the keyboard from slipping and also helps to protect it from dirt when using the tablet mode on your laptop. When you have the tablet mode on, you need to place the cover underneath the laptop on your working surface.

Typically, the keyboard cover helps prevent contact with the keyboard with the environment. It reduces or prevents dust from entering the keyboard hence eliminating the need to clean it frequently. It also eliminates the need to replace the keyboard when dust accumulates in it constantly.

Another way to protect your keyboard is by ensuring that your working surface is clean, soft, and flat. A flat surface guarantees you the comfort that you require when working. It helps prevent the keyboard from sliding when on tablet mode.

Ensuring that the surface is clean prevents debris and dirt from entering into the keyboard. A soft surface comes in handy to ensure that there is not much pressure exerted on the keys when working.

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Does Disabling the Keyboard Protect it When Using Tablet Mode?

Upon setting your laptop on tablet mode, the keyboard feature automatically disables. Typically, you cannot be able to use the keyboard if your laptop is in tablet mode. Therefore, any activities within the keyboard, such as clicking on some keys, will not reflect on the tablet.

Disabling the keyboard in one way or another protects it. But this does not mean that you will not be able to carry on with some activities since the keyboard is off. You can access these features on the tablet without the use of the keyboard.

When the keyboard is off, it, to some extent, ensures that it stays in good condition. It prevents unnecessary pressings, which help in maintaining its condition. Remember, the more you press on it, the more some keys start getting loose and can fall out.

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How Should I Place the Keyboard in Tablet Mode?

The position you place the keyboard in tablet mode may highlight the extent of the damage on your keyboard. In some laptops, switching from desktop mode to tablet mode will require the keyboard to touch the surface. Such is the case in most laptops.

When the laptop touches the surface, it can easily damage, especially if you do not take proper care. Ensure that you are cautious on the type of surface you place the keyboard. By this, you need to factor in things such as the smoothness of the surface, dirt, wetness, and much more.

Placing a keyboard on a dirty surface insinuates dirty particles to enter the keys, which causes damage to them. Moreover, a wet surface or slimy one may make it slide, which affects your comfort when working. Therefore always deal with a clean and dry surface.

You can also protect the keyboard better by purchasing a cover for it. Placing a cover on top ensures that it is secure from all the dirt and wetness and prevents the keys from sinking inside.

In other types of laptops, you have the option of rotating the keyboard further and placing it in a standing position. Well, this may not be the best way to place your keyboard when on laptop mode. But if you have the right surface, it will work well, and also, you can be sure that there will be zero damage to the keyboard.

Working with tablet mode is a great way to enhance the user experience. Moreover, you get to enjoy all the benefits of touch, which is pretty much an easy and quick way to do your work. However, you need to ensure that you protect the keyboard from damage as you switch your machine to tablet mode.


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