My Tablet Keeps Shutting Down: How to Fix It!

There are a lot of different tablets in the market today because of how amazing these gadgets are for whatever purpose you might prefer to use them for. However, as amazing as tablets may be, there are certain tablets that do come with a few issues. One such issue is when the tablet keeps shutting down seemingly out of nowhere. So, why does your tablet keep on shutting down and how do you fix it?

Your tablet is always shutting down probably because it is often overheating or because you are running apps or games that it can’t handle or is incompatible with. Fixing this may require you to remove the case or update your tablet to the newest firmware. You can also reset your tablet to fix the issue.

When it comes to a tablet that keeps on shutting down, there are plenty of hardware and software issues that you may have to look at. But the point of the matter is that these issues can be fixed and are not really entirely serious to the point that you should worry a lot. And that is what we are here to talk about.

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Why is my tablet always shutting down?

The tablet is one of the most useful gadgets in today’s modern world because of the very fact that it can do almost anything you want a mobile device to do. You can work on your tablet, watch movies, or play games. This is why it is as popular as it is and why there are plenty of different tablets, cheap or premium, in the market today.

However, despite the fact that tablets are indeed great tools to have today, you can’t help but wonder why some tablets have issues in relation to how they function. Among all of the different issues that tablets often face, one of the most common is that a lot of different tablets actually end up shutting down on their own while you are using them. And this happens even if the tablet still has enough battery.

So, if you are someone who always has a tablet that is always shutting down, why is this happening in the first place? To answer that question, we have prepared a number of reasons that are probably the culprits.

The first is that your tablet is overheating. This happens when you are using your tablet too much such as when you have a lot of different apps and processes open. Not only will this drain your battery faster but it will also force your tablet’s processor to work harder than it should as it is forced to operate with all of those different processes open.

So, when you have plenty of different processes open and your tablet’s processor is working extra hard, your tablet will end up producing more heat than it can handle. This will force it to shut down as a failsafe option that prevents it from damaging itself due to the sheer amount of heat that it is producing.

It’s similar to how a computer ends up shutting down or showing you the blue screen of death when you force it beyond its limits as the computer is protecting its internal parts from getting damaged from the heat that it is producing. That is exactly how tablets work as well when they are shutting down due to overheating.

Another reason why your tablet may be shutting down out of nowhere is due to how you probably used apps or games that it can’t handle or is incompatible with. This is quite common when you try to run a graphics-intense game on a slower and older tablet that doesn’t have the right specs to handle the game. In some cases, the tablet may be powerful enough to handle the game but might not have the right kind of software to run it such as when your tablet’s firmware is outdated.

In any of those cases, your tablet may end up shutting down to prevent any damages that can result from running games or apps that it can’t handle due to hardware and software reasons. Again, this might also be a failsafe option that the tablet automatically takes.

While not as common as any of those two issues above, another reason why your tablet may end up suddenly shutting down is its battery. Even if your battery does look like it is still healthy such as when you check its battery health, that doesn’t totally mean that it is actually that healthy because there might be instances where the battery was actually damaged due to a fall or water damage. So, because of such damages, your battery may sometimes disconnect with the tablet and end up forcing the device to shut down due to how the tablet relies on its battery for its power.

All that said, those are merely some of the most common reasons why tablets keep on shutting down out of nowhere. They are not the only reasons as some tablets may have their own issues that contribute to the problem but those are the issues that are commonly found in tablets that often shut down.

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How to fix a tablet that keeps on shutting down?

Now that you know some of the reasons why your tablet may be shutting down out of nowhere, here are some of the fixes that may provide you with the solution that you are looking for depending on your problem.

  1. Remove the case. Sometimes, even though you do have a tablet that is powerful enough to handle a lot of different processes and apps, the case may be a contributory factor to the intense heat that the tablet is producing because of how it isn’t allowing the tablet to cool off properly. As such, you can try removing the case or replacing it with a more breathable one to fix the issue.
  1. Close apps and processes that you are not using to keep the tablet from overheating. Depending on which tablet you are using, tablets have their own way of closing opened apps and processes. Simply closing them can help a lot in keeping your tablet cool.
  1. Update the tablet’s firmware. Tablets that may be incompatible with certain apps and games may end up performing better while running such apps and games the moment you update their firmware. There are also instances where firmware updates will allow the tablet to run more efficiently in terms of how it uses its components so that it won’t end up overheating.
  1. Reset the tablet to its factory settings if it is a software issue as you may have certain apps or programs that may be contributing to the problem. Of course, it is important that you back your files and data up first before you actually restore your tablet to its factory settings so that you won’t end up losing them.
  1. Take the tablet to its manufacturer’s service center to have it fixed if the issues are hardware related such as when it has a bad battery. A simple hardware fix or replacement can go a long way when it comes to making your tablet work better.


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