Syma Drones Under 250g Excellent Beginner Drones


Why We Recommend Syma

In our opinion, Syma products are a great place to start your Drone hobby if you are on a budget. They produce a wide variety of models in all price ranges, from kids’ toys to good quality beginner Drones.  We like that most come with a decent controller, prop guards and extra props.  And the price is very good but… you get what you pay for.

What They Can Do To Improve

To be honest, the cameras are crap. Most are only 720p. Really, these Drones are to learn how to fly. But… You will crash…a lot. Having a good camera really doesn’t matter. It would be nice to have more features like a GPS on some models but for the price, Syma is good for beginners. In our opinion. One more thing, some Syma Drones don’t have removable batteries. 5 minute flight time – 60 minute charge time. Sounds like fun?

Compared To The Competition

Syma is good at producing Drones for a certain market. Its products, we think, are focused on budget-minded hobbyists just starting out. They are great Drones for Kids and Adults who want to learn how to fly a drone and not break the bank. We own three models and enjoy them immensely. 

Our Recommended Syma Products, Good Quality, Value Priced, Nice Features Excellent for Kids and Adult Training

ALL Drones Under 250 Grams/Half a Pound

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Syma X20 Mini Kids Trainer

Syma Z1 Foldable Drone

Syma X5C -Extremely Popular Syma Drone

*** It Weights More than 250g or 0.55lbs***


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