Why Should You Install an SSD Drive in Laptop?

Many people find it irritating when their laptop takes a long time to boot up. The reason for it is usually low storage and an old laptop. However, there are options to upgrade your PC and boost its performance to a significant amount. One of them is installing an SSD drive in the laptop. It is sometimes costly but a worthy change you can make to your computer.

You should install an SSD drive in your laptop because it will change your entire experience. It is necessary for games and large applications and documents, as SSD provides you with much faster speed. In addition, it uses less power and extends your battery life.

It is always a good idea to install an SSD drive, especially if you spend most of your time playing games, watching movies, and listening to music. Installing an SSD means your laptop will run faster, and you will not have to wait long for it to load things. Keep reading to find more about SSD, how it works, and which SSD is the best for your laptop.


Should I Add SSD to Laptop?

You have probably once looked at your old laptop and wondered whether something would fail soon. Or you have maybe thought about installing an SSD drive or buying a new PC. Those are the usual things every user does, and everyone wants the best for their PC. 

SSD is a significantly faster drive that replaces the traditional hard disk. Older hard disk storage runs slower over time, and many opt for SSD. Depending on your laptop and its power, sometimes there is no need to upgrade it. You never know with hard drives – they may last for a couple of years or a decade.

It is worth replacing your HDD with SSD as it has many benefits. However, if your laptop is powerful and has good storage, there is no need for that. Or else, if you play games or watch movies and want better performance and speed, go for SSD. It is sometimes expensive but an excellent investment when you want to upgrade your PC. The good thing is prices have come down, and you can find cheaper SSD that will still give you significant results.

This is the best upgrade you can give to your laptop, and it makes it run for many years. If you spend most of your time on a PC, you will notice high-quality improvement immediately. 

A pile of used HDD next to an open disassembled laptop or notebook computer with an SSD

Does SSD Improve Laptop Performance?

It can frustrate working on a slow laptop. In this situation, you can buy a new laptop or upgrade your disk, which is a better solution if you do not want to spend much money. One solution is upgrading to an SSD that has proven to be effective. The SSD used to be more expensive, but today it is affordable for every user. 

The reason people decide to switch to SSD is simple. They want better performance, and SSD can do it. It can boost your speed in various ways. Hard disk usually takes 30-40 seconds for booting, and SSD’s boot time is about 10-13 seconds. Also, the opening time is 30% faster on SSD than on HDD.

SSD saves your battery significantly. Battery life will last longer because an SSD uses less power than a hard drive. It means you can travel and work for a long time without needing to charge your battery.

The best thing SSD can do is load data. If you are a gamer, you will notice it amazingly affects many things. It improves the loading screen and pulls data from your storage quickly.

SSD will not only improve your laptop performance but your experience as well. You will not have any concerns about your documents in the events of voltage fluctuations, as SSD has built-in power failure circuitry. It backs up your data when the voltage drops so you can continue working where you left.

Access panel on the bottom of a Laptop

Which SSD Is Best For Laptop?

When you decide to switch to SSD, you better choose a high-quality one for a better experience. Although SSD costs more than a hard drive, you will not regret it as it will fit your needs. I recommend several SSDs that will improve your laptop performance and make your life easier.

One of the best SSDs for your laptop is Samsung 970 Evo Plus. This SSID is ideal for gamers and those who want the best performance. It achieves read/write speeds up to 3,500/3,300MB/s, which will satisfy even the most demanding professionals. It monitors and maintains optimal operating temperature. This SSD is affordable and one of the fastest on the market. It has a 5-year warranty.

The next best drive is Kingston KC2500 M.2 NVME SSD. This SSD is a perfect match for those who want both the best performance and to invest a bit more. With its maximum read/write rates up to 3,500/2,900MB/s, everything on your laptop will open quickly, from games to editing videos. It increases your storage and saves it as well. 

Samsung 970 Evo SSD drive

Can I Replace My HDD With SSD in Laptop?

Replacing your HDD with SSD on a laptop is, as I mentioned, always a good idea. It will not only make your PC faster but will also save your battery and improve overall performance. Also, SSD is less susceptible to damage as it has no moving parts.

However, you cannot upgrade every laptop with an SSD. Many of them have SSD soldered on the motherboard or places you cannot access. You can easily find out if your laptop is upgradeable and what type of SSD it needs by checking specifications or a memory finder. When you find out the information, you can buy an SSD that will be right for your laptop.

The next step is to determine what size of drive you need.  Usually, laptops do not have a place for two HDDs. That is why users usually combine their old HDD and SSD. Yes, it is possible to convert your old hard drive into an external one and enjoy both the large capacity of HDD and the fast speed of SSD. I have recently upgraded my laptop and replaced a 1 TB hard drive with a 256 GB SSD. I have also got an external HDD for storing larger files, and it works just fine.

Then, choose the best model of SSD. It is better to buy a high-quality model (for example, Samsung) and spend more money than to buy the cheapest one. 

You also need to clone the hard drive and save your data. Once you complete it, you can install an SSD drive. You need to unscrew the laptop case, remove your hard drive, and put in a new SSD drive. Install your manufacturer’s drive management software to keep your drive firmware up to date and enjoy a performance boost.


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