This Is Why Your Drone Beeps When Armed

Drones have become very helpful tools with multiple applications, including letting you capture photos or videos from insanely unique angles. However, one of the common problems that drones have is constant beeping, especially when you arm your drone. But why does your drone beep when armed?

The main reasons why your drone beeps when you arm it include low battery, faulty firmware, as a result of obstacles in the drone’s path, and as a result of a faulty or disconnected transmitter. Possible solutions include ensuring that your drone is fully charged and the firmware is up to date. 

This article will provide the various reasons why your drone may be beeping when armed. Depending on the potential issue, I will also discuss some of the actions you can take to prevent your drone from beeping when armed. Read on for more.

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Why You Should Resolve Beeping Issues

Drone beeping noises typically indicate a problem with the drone itself or the controller. The beeping is an integrated safety mechanism for your drone, indicating various issues like low power or a malfunction. 

It is, therefore, crucial to respond to resolve these beeping noises if you hear them because a drone can pose a significant safety risk if it malfunctions while mid-air. These issues may also prevent the drone from taking off.

A drone will beep to alert you of numerous problems that need resolving, including but not limited to:

  • Low battery
  • Faulty firmware
  • Obstacles in the vicinity
  • Faulty transmitter 

Let us discuss these aspects in detail below.

Low Battery

One of the common issues that cause a drone to beep when armed is low battery. This means that the current battery capacity or voltage is insufficient to sustain the drone in the armed state. 

As a general rule, it is vital only to arm your drone when the battery is fully charged because once the battery level goes down below a certain level, your drone will alert you of the low battery through beeping. 

When the battery is low, your drone may not take off. It will continue to beep once you arm it, and this sound will persist until you turn it off. 

However, if the battery level goes below the required level when the drone is airborne, it will likely fall to the ground and could be significantly damaged. 

If the beeping is due to low battery, you can easily fix this problem by ensuring your drone is fully charged before taking your drone out. As a rule of thumb, ensure that your drone is charged before 100%. 

If the issue is a faulty battery, then it is best to replace the battery in your drone. If this does not resolve the problem, then the issue might be a firmware problem, as explained below.

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Faulty Firmware

Firmware is drone software responsible for the critical functionalities of the drone. It impacts vital aspects of the drone, including battery management. Therefore, issues with drone firmware can significantly undermine your drone’s safety and quality of operation. 

Beeping is also a safety feature for some advanced drones to prevent flight if you have not updated the drone firmware. In such cases, your drone will continue beeping once you arm it and will not take off. 

Since drone manufacturers provide firmware updates to solve any firmware issues, it is possible to resolve related issues by updating your drone firm to the latest updates. Remember, failure to update the drone firmware poses a significant safety risk and could result in your drone crashing.

Firmware issues can also be a result of a bug in the firmware. In this case, I recommend that you uninstall your drone firmware updates and install the latest version of the update.  

Obstacles in the Vicinity

Your drone’s motors will immediately begin spinning once you arm it, allowing it to become airborne. Drones have an integrated instance avoidance sensor that facilitates the quick detection of any obstacles that are in the way of the drone. 

Once these sensors detect an obstacle in the drone’s path, your drone controller will start beeping to inform you that there is an object in the way. Once more, this is a safety mechanism to prevent the drone from crashing into an obstacle, whether it is a tree or a person. 

Accordingly, it is essential to look out for any obstacles in the way of your drone if it starts beeping. If you notice any obstacles, navigate your drone away from them, which should stop the beeping. 

If this doesn’t work, it is crucial to consider that maybe the problem is in the avoidance sensor itself, as discussed below: 


Malfunctioning Obstacle Avoidance Sensor

If the obstacle avoidance sensor malfunctions on your drone, then it is likely that the avoidance sensor is broken. Inspect the avoidance sensor for any dirt or dust trapped inside the sensor to fix this issue. This doesn’t tend to happen very often, but if you suspect it, you should check anyway.

Faulty Transmitter

Drones have a radio transmitter that utilizes radio signals to send commands to the radio receiver on the drone wirelessly. This allows you to control the drone remotely. If there is a fault in the transmitter, these commands are not successfully sent, and you may not be able to command the drone even after arming. 

If the transmitter is disconnected or shorts, your drone will start beeping once you arm it. This can also occur when you haven’t correctly paired the transmitter. Similar to the case of faulty firmware, you will not be able to fly the drone but will instead be subjected to a constant beeping sound. 

You will need to reconnect the transmitter to ensure that commands are transmitted successfully to solve this issue. If the transmitter is faulty, then I recommend replacing the transmitter. It is also important that the transmitter may malfunction if the battery level is low, which results in a weak signal. 

Therefore, always ensure that the batteries are fully charged to resolve this problem.


Drone beeping sounds are a warning mechanism that alerts you of possible issues that need to be resolved before you take your drone airborne. Since a drone can be a safety hazard, especially when it falls on people or property, it is essential to fix these issues as soon as possible. 

Given how expensive most modern drones are, we have outlined the main reasons your drone may be beeping and provided some valuable tips on resolving them and keeping your drone from crashing or getting damaged.


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