Can I Use My Drone To Catch A Fish? Will It Be Hook Line or Sinker?


Can I Use my Drone to Catch a Fish? What Drone is Best For Fishing?

After a couple of videos of people using drones to catch fish going viral, people are beginning to wonder whether this is just a gimmick that will soon fall away or indeed a viable option for Fishing. We will explore this type of Fishing, and you can decide for yourself whether it is right for you.

Can I use my Drone to catch a fish? There are several methods people use to fish with their drones depending on what kind of Drone you have, where you intend to fish, your fishing gear, and what you are fishing for, a Marlin or a Minnow!

This is dependent on your ability to fly over water safely, so be sure you are well prepared. We can help!

As technology advances, age-old hobbies are being modernized more and more every day. Fishing is no exception, now that people are beginning to use drones to make Fishing easier and more efficient than doing so by hand.

Drone fishing is an innovative way to fish without even needing a boat! Continue reading to learn more.


Can Drones Be Used To Catch A Fish?

Catching a fish using a drone is definitely possible! Someone once said, “It’s like…Shooting Fish In A Barrel!

Well not really. But when your Drone is out over the water and your camera is looking down at a school of fish it may seem that way.

It is becoming more and more common, and there are now drones and accessories specifically marketed for drone fishing.

 We will look at a couple of the more popular Drone Fishing Gear Suppliers to help you gear up. One supplier has a ton of fishing gear while the other features an amazing waterproof Drone.

First, Lets set the record straight here. There are two ways to fish with a Drone. If you are fishing at the pond with your kids, hoping to catch a sunfish or small perch, all you need is a hook line and sinker with a worm and bobs your uncle.

On the other hand, if you are the serious fisherman/woman, you’re at the beach or on a boat, and you are fishing for the big ones. You’ll need the proper Gear to hook up a line and drop it in the water, way out there. 

Note** When you catch a fish, It’s not attached to your Drone.  Your Drone drops the bait. You Reel it in with your rod (For you Newbies)

 What this article also covers are companies that can supply you with the right Gear to safely catch the big ones. You can use this Gear off of the shoreline or your Boat. Flying a Drone Off a boat has a few challenges. I have a full article to help you Flying Your Drone Off A Boat here on our Website

What’s The Best Drone To Use to Fish?

It is essential to have a reliable, sturdy drone that can handle the weight of the fishing gear that’s attached to it. The Drone, at a minimum, must be equipped with a GPS to be able to fight wind resistance and hover in one place.

There are some basic features your Drone should have.

  1. Waterproof would be nice (See SwellPro on Amazon).
  2. It should include a GPS, with a Return To Home feature in case you lose connection or your battery starts to run low.
  3. Your Drone should also have long-lasting battery power
  4. and, of course, it should have a camera for spotting fish in the water below.

It would be beneficial to you to select a drone that is waterproof in case your Drone is dropped or submerged, as accidents do happen—and your Drone is bound to get at least a little wet. (See SwellPro below)

Even if it does not fall directly into the water, spray from the waves can cause the propellers to malfunction, it affects the instrumentation. And moisture can cloud up your camera.

Some drones are specifically made to be able to take off and land in water, which regular drones are not able to do.

Drone Fishing Safety Point

Using a drone to fish almost always requires at least two people: one to operate the Drone and one to man the fishing rod. It is not advised that you try to do this yourself unless you have special equipment that makes this possible. Be careful and practice on land before attempting to fish with your Drone directly over the water.

What Companies Supply Quality Drone Fishing Gear?


If you are interested in Drone Fishing, this is one of the best places to buy Gear and even buy your Drone. They are expert in everything Drone Fishing.

They feature the Gannet Release System that attaches to your Drone without any issues. Its custom fit depending on your Drone.

Compatible Drones include almost all of the DJI lineup, GoPro Karma, and the 3DR Solo, to name a few. You can check their Website for all the compatible models available.

As well as a compatible Drone, you will need the appropriate release system to hook up to your Quad. Check out their Website and have a look at the demo videos they have posted. It’s a great way to educate yourself.

Here is a link to a great article about the Gannet Bait Dropper

They also sell a complete line of Fishing Rods designed for the Drone Fisherman/woman. Most come in 3 weight classes depending on the size of fish you’re after.

You’ll also need a few accessories, and they have everything you’ll need on the Website. It is worth checking out!

swellpro drone

When we go Fishing with our Drones, one thing we all worry about is getting our Quad wet. It would be nice if they made a scuba suit for all Drones, but that’s unrealistic. But, have no fear. I found a Waterproof Drone you should check out!

SwellPro makes the Splash Drone 3+, the world’s first waterproof Drone. This is the third iteration of the Drone, so its features are plentiful and well tested with over 7000 sold.

SwellPro has been around since 2013, today they make a series of waterproof Drones and accessories. Their Drones are used all over the world for not only Fishing but Boating, Filming and Search and Rescue.

SwellPro doesn’t sell any fishing gear like Rods and other accessories for Fishing specifically. They do sell a Fishing Drone package that includes the Drone and an excellent Bait Release System for anyone interested in Fishing. They have Three Packages to choose from

If you are a serious Surf, Shoreline or Boat Fisherman/Woman I would check them out. Their Drove has great reviews.

 Here’s a review on the Drone and Fishing Release System


How To Catch A Fish With a Drone: The Basics

Here is a rapid overview of Drone Fishing.

  1. Rig an attachment point to the legs of your Drone (assuming they are built sturdily enough), being sure to center it so that the weight of the Bait will be evenly distributed.
  2. Secure a release clip to the center of the attachment point.
  3. Thread your fishing line through the release clip and make sure it is securely attached, unlocking the reel to allow it to unravel as it naturally wants to. This works best if your fishing line has a self-turning spindle.
  4. Direct your Drone to the place you want to drop your Bait and lock the reel, allowing the resistance on the line to force your release clip to drop your Bait into the water.
  5. After the drop, fly your Drone back to shore and reel in your catch.

Is it Legal to Fish with My Drone?

It is legal to fish with your Drone anywhere that Fishing is already allowed. As long as its legal for you to fly your Drone in that area and you are authorized to operate with all the necessary licenses required, you are good to go.

When fishing with a drone you still must follow the regular rules for drones, some of the basics include but are not limited to;

Basic Rules For Drones:

  • Do not fly over people
  • Do not fly higher than 400 ft AGL.
  • Stay at least 5 miles away from an Airport
  • Do not operate your Drone in national parks
  • Always keep Visual Line Of Sight
  • Stay away from wildlife’s
  • Keep away from emergency responders.

You are required to follow both the local drone laws and the local fishing laws when fishing with a drone. Read the FAA’s and Transport Canada’s set of rules to learn more


Can I fly My Drone Over Water?

You should learn how to operate your Drone over water before attempting to use your Drone for Fishing. Flying your Drone over water requires adjustment and practice, as the water’s surface is always moving.

Also, the suns reflection, on the water, can confuse some instrumentation, unlike when you are on solid ground. I’ve written an article about Flying your Drone Off a Boat that may be helpful for any fisherman/women

If you plan to fly your Drone from a boat, be sure you are correctly educated on that as well. Piloting a drone from a boat is even more difficult than flying one over water while you are on land. Both you and the Drone are often in motion—sometimes in opposing directions.

Be sure your Drone is fully charged and be conscious of the battery level while flying to avoid losing power and having your Drone fall into the Drink.

The same goes for being aware of the distance limitations on your Drone—do not test or go past them. Even if your Drone is strong against wind, make sure you have enough juice left in your batteries to get your Quad back to the Boat or shoreline.

Real World Tip– while flying your Drone off a boat, disable your Return To Home feature if you have one. There is a 100% chance if you lose connection with your Drone, and then it returns to home (the Boat) the Boat won’t be there. I have more tips for Flying your Drone off a boat here.

Drone Fishing Gear Necessities

Fishing with a drone means that a boat is nice to have, but not a necessity. You can use a drone for Fishing from land—though it can be done from a boat too if that is what you prefer.

Research your Drone’s capabilities and features before purchasing so that you can get a feel for what you will need to purchase separately and what you may have to make or rig yourself.

 It is always best to be prepared, so read product descriptions carefully and research what specific tools other people use when drone fishing.

In Summary

Here are the key recommended supplies for drone fishing:

  • A sturdy, wind and/or water-resistant drone
  • A drone fishing bait release
  • Lures or Live Bait
  • A fishing pole ( sells fishing poles specifically designed for this)
  • A Polar Pro Filter for your camera lens to fight glare

The camera on your Drone can be used to spot schools of fish or sharks and allow you to get closer without all the disturbing noise and vibrations of a boat that alerts the fish to your presence.

Even though you are Fishing, it is still important to respect the environment and wildlife. Do not use your Drone around birds, as some, such as seagulls, are known to attack, steal Bait, and can damage drones, causing them to fall into the Drink.

Not only may you lose your Drone to a bird of prey, but the bird could be injured by your Drone’s propellers.

Use common sense safety practices, such as, do not attempt to fish with your Drone during poor weather and avoid obstacles on the shore and in the water such as trees, rocks, buoys, other boats, large waves, and wildlife.

You can apply these methods to almost any type of Fishing: surf fishing, ice fishing, lake fishing, deep-sea fishing, and more. The list goes on and on and is only limited to your imagination—and the local laws, of course.

Good luck, Fishing. I hope I helped you find what you were looking for.

Have a safe flight and stay out of the Drink!


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