Do Acer Laptops Have Bloatware? How to Remove it!

Acer laptops are pretty popular, especially in the Asian market. What makes these OEM laptops as great as they are is that they are pretty much great for any kind of user right off the bat. However, the fact that most Acer laptops come pre-installed with different applications and software that may or may not be useful is what can be annoying to some users. So, do Acer laptops come with bloatware?

Acer laptops have bloatware such as the different Acer software that comes pre-installed with the laptop the moment you buy it. But you don’t have to worry because most of the bloatware found in Acer laptops are harmless but may still end up taking up valuable drive space or memory.

Bloatware really isn’t uncommon regardless of which laptop company you favor. As such, even Acer, as popular as it is in a lot of different regions around the world, isn’t safe from bloatware. That’s why it is essential for you to know which software is useless and which ones to keep so that you can make sure that your Acer laptop is functioning at peak performance.

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Do Acer laptops have bloatware?

There are plenty of different laptop companies today. The fact that there are so many of them can make it pretty difficult for one person to choose which laptop company to buy a laptop from as basically most of these companies sell similar products with no clear differences in terms of their specs and what they offer as far as features go. Despite that, Acer is actually doing pretty well considering that it owns about 8% of the global market share in laptops.

The fact that Acer is quite popular means that there are plenty of different Acer laptops that you are free to buy depending on your budget and what you are using them for. However, as seen in most laptops regardless of brand, there are still lingering problems when it comes to OEM laptops that come straight from the manufacturer. And the problem comes in the form of bloatware.

When we talk about bloatware, these are usually pre-installed programs or software that the manufacturer already included in the laptop before you even buy it. Some of these programs can be quite useful depending on the laptop that you are using but, in most cases, they are simply considered bloatware because of how they just make your laptop bloated since they can occupy a good amount of storage drive space and may also get annoying when they automatically start during the bootup process of your laptop.

That said, do Acer laptops have bloatware?

Yes, Acer laptops do have bloatware like most other OEM laptops. And similar to other companies, the bloatware that you will usually find the moment you open your Acer laptop are the software that Acer proprietarily owns for the purpose of “making it easier” for you to use your Acer laptop. This includes programs such as:

  • Acer Collection
  • Acer Configuration Manager
  • Acer Quick Access
  • Acer Product Registration
  • Acer UEIP Framework

While such programs can be useful in certain instances and for different people, they are nonetheless unnecessary for you to properly use your Acer Windows laptop as long as you have all of the different Windows utilities that are important and more useful. In most cases, these Acer programs are just there to occupy space in the storage drive without even being useful at any given time. This can be problematic for those who have very limited storage spaces in their laptop drives.

Another problem in relation to Acer bloatware is that some of these programs automatically start up the moment you boot your Acer laptop. This will slow down the entire startup process as the computer will have to open a lot of different programs and processes the moment you turn your laptop on. And what makes this problematic is that you don’t even need these programs to automatically open but they just do.

In some cases, the programs don’t even seem like they are open but are actually running as background processes. These background processes will still take up a huge chunk of your computer’s memory capacity to the point that your Acer laptop might not perform as smoothly as you would have wanted it to.

So, if you want to know which bloatware are running as background processes, you need to open your task manager by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL together. In the task manager, look for the Processes tab so that you will see all of the background processes that are running and taking up valuable memory space in the RAM. If you see a background process that is unfamiliar, it could perhaps be bloatware that you may want to remove or stop.

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How do you remove bloatware from Acer laptops?

Now that we know that Acer laptops do indeed come with bloatware, let us look at how you can remove bloatware from your Acer laptop so that you can allow your computer to function as smoothly as possible while also optimizing whatever storage space you have in your drive.

1.     The quick way

The quickest way for you to get rid of all of the bloatware the moment you buy your Acer laptop is to reinstall the entire Windows OS. This should be done only if you had just gotten your laptop and have not yet installed anything on it. The good thing about this method is that it will allow you to start fresh as reinstalling the OS means that you will be able to start with only the basics that you need for your Windows. Here is how you do it:

  • Go to Start and then Settings.
  • Look for Updates and Security.
  • Choose Recovery.
  • Go to Get Started in Reset this PC.
  • Finally, choose Remove Everything to completely wipe out your drive and reinstall your Windows OS.
  1. One by one method

If you have already installed a lot of different software on your laptop and your drive is full of important files, you should remove the bloatware one by one. Here is how you do it:

  • Click on the Start menu and type ‘remove programs’.
  • In the menu, select ‘install or remove programs’.
  • You will be able to see everything that is installed on your Acer laptop.
  • Select the programs you want to remove because you consider them to be bloatware.
  • Click delete after selecting the programs you believe to be bloatware.
  • Restart your Acer laptop after removing the bloatware or any of the unnecessary software.


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