Do MSI Laptops Have Bloatware? How to Remove it!

Even though MSI laptops don’t own a huge chunk of the entire global laptop market share, it has found a niche market of its own in the gaming industry as it is the leader in gaming laptops. In that sense, because everyone knows that gamers hate bloatware because of how they can take up valuable storage and memory spaces that could have been used for games, you might wonder if they still do come with bloatware. So, do MSI laptops actually have bloatware?

MSI laptops do still have bloatware but most of their pre-installed software aren’t always considered bloatware because they can be useful for gamers. Meanwhile, the good news for gamers is that MSI laptops don’t come with as much bloatware as the laptops from other companies do.

If there is something that you can be happy about, it’s that MSI knows that gamers don’t like bloatware. That’s why, even if their laptops may still come with bloatware, they aren’t necessarily as bloated or as abundant as the ones found in other laptops. This means that you don’t have to waste a lot of time wiping out the bloatware from your new MSI laptop.

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Do MSI laptops have bloatware?

In the large competitive market that we have today, there are a lot of different companies that are manufacturing laptops for different uses. This will make it difficult for most consumers to choose which laptop they want to buy depending on what they are planning on using it for. However, the good thing about MSI is that they have been able to make a name for themselves in the global gaming laptop industry instead of trying to compete in the entire laptop market.

For those who don’t know, MSI is the world’s leading gaming laptop manufacturer as it owns about 19% of the gaming laptop industry. As such, MSI knows how to deliver when it comes to gaming laptops that are made to perform and deliver the kind of optimal performance that their users want whenever they are gaming.

In relation to that, one of the many different problems that most people have with OEM laptops is that they usually come with bloatware in the form of pre-installed programs and software that the manufacturer placed there. This is something that most laptop owners and gamers tend to hate about OEM laptops.

Of course, when we are referring to bloatware, we are talking about those different programs and software that the manufacturer already included in the laptop even before you bought and brought it home with you. While some of these software can be useful for certain people, they are generally regarded as useless programs that don’t contribute to how you use the laptop because, in the first place, they aren’t even necessary for the laptop to function properly. This is why they are called “bloatware” because they simply make the laptop more bloated while taking up valuable storage and memory space.

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Given the fact that MSI laptops are established as gaming laptops made and designed for gamers, who have no room or patience for bloatware, do MSI laptops still actually come with bloatware that is prevalent in the laptops of other companies?

Yes, MSI laptops still do come with bloatware. But the good news is that MSI laptops don’t have as much bloatware as other laptops do precisely because of how their laptops are catered for gamers, who would want to maximize whatever space they have in their storage drive and RAM for gaming. As such, you aren’t likely to find plenty of bloatware in an MSI laptop.

Probably the only software that some gamers call bloatware is MSI’s Dragon Center. This program is meant to cater to gamers because of how it was built to allow gamers to use different gaming peripherals and streamline their settings using Dragon Center. Meanwhile, you could also use Dragon Center to overclock your CPU if you want to get the most out of your gaming sessions.

In that case, you could consider MSI’s Dragon Center a borderline bloatware program because of how there are some gamers who actually think that it is useful for their gaming sessions when they are using their MSI laptops. Still, because Dragon Center isn’t really necessary for an MSI laptop to function properly, there are still people who believe that it isn’t worth the disk space because it merely is bloatware in a different and more useful package.

That said, in case you are wondering whether or not there are still other programs that are running as bloatware in your background processes, you can simply check by opening your task manager. Press CTLR + ALT + DEL to bring out the task manager and then look at the Processes tab to see if there are other processes that you are not familiar with. They could be bloatware that are taking valuable space from your RAM.

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How do you remove bloatware from MSI laptops?

Now that you know that MSI laptops can still come with bloatware such as the MSI Dragon Center, let us look at how you can remove bloatware from your MSI laptop.

1.     Complete wipeout

If you really want to make sure that your MSI laptop is free of any kind of bloatware, the best way for you to do so is to completely wipe its drive out by performing a system wipeout and then reinstalling the Windows OS. This is the quickest way for those who have just recently bought their MSI laptops and have not yet installed or stored anything on it yet. It sure is the best way for you to make sure that you are starting out fresh with an MSI laptop with a clean OS.

  • Go to Start and then Settings.
  • Look for Update and Security.
  • Choose Recovery.
  • Go to Get Started in Reset this PC.
  • Finally, choose Remove Everything to completely wipe out your drive and reinstall your Windows OS.

2.     Conventional method

The conventional method of removing bloatware from your MSI laptop involves going over your list of programs and software one by one and then removing anything that isn’t important or can be considered bloatware such as MSI’s Dragon Center.

  • Click on the Start menu and type ‘remove programs’.
  • In the menu, select ‘install or remove programs’.
  • You will be able to see everything that is installed on your MSI laptop.
  • Select the programs you want to remove because you consider them to be bloatware.
  • Click delete after selecting the programs you believe to be bloatware.
  • Restart your MSI laptop after removing the bloatware or any of the unnecessary software.


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