How To Set BIOS Password on Acer Laptop? 9 Simple Steps!

Acer is a multinational company originally from Taiwan. They specialize in advanced technology. Acer produces a wide range of products. Their products include laptops, desktops, PCs, tablets, smartphones, monitors, projectors, and many more. A BIOS password is used as an extra layer of security for your device. It is easy to set a BIOS password on your device.

Press the F2 key when you see the first screen to access the BIOS menu. Select security, then supervisor password, and enter your preferred password. Enter the password again. If you want your laptop to ask for the password every time you turn it on, select the password on boot, and select enable.

This article will discuss how to find your Acer BIOS password, set a BIOS password in Acer laptops, change the BIOS password in Acer laptops, and bypass a bios password. Read on to find out more.

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How Do I Set A BIOS Password On My Acer Laptop?

BIOS password is an advanced way to increase the security of your device. Setting the BIOS password is easy and quick. As mentioned earlier, there are few simple steps to follow. Here are the nine simple ways step by step:

 Setting up a BIOS password in Acer laptops can be done in these simple ways.

  • Turn off your Acer laptop.
  • Press the power-on button.
  • When you see the first Acer screen, tap the F2 key. (If it’s a desktop, tap the delete key.)
  • When the computer logs in to the bios, select the security or BIOS security features option on the tabs at the top of the screen.
  • You’ll see either set supervisor password or change supervisor password in this menu, depending on your model. Highlight it and press enter.
  • Type your preferred password and press enter, then type your password again and press enter to confirm.
  • You’ll receive a message informing you that the changes have been saved, then press enter.
  • By default, it will only ask for the password when you log into the BIOS. If you want your device to ask for the password every time you turn your computer on, move down and highlight the password on boot, then press enter. Then highlight enabled.
  • Then press the f10 key and press enter. This will save the changes and restart your computer.

How Do I Find My Acer BIOS Password?

There are two different ways to find the Acer BIOS password. They are both effective.

Firstly, turn on your Acer laptop and press the F2 key immediately. If it is a desktop, press the delete key. The F2 button is used to access bios.

The second way is to open the start menu by clicking the start button. Go to all programs. Then click empowering technology, then click Acer settings. Click the BIOS password near the footer of the screen. Then you’ll have access to bios on your Acer laptop or desktop.

There is also a manual way to access BIOS. If it’s a desktop, follow these instructions:

  • Disconnect the power cord from your desktop.
  • Remove the cabinet cover of your desktop.
  • Find a coin-shaped clock battery and remove it.
  • Keep it aside for about an hour.
  • Return the battery to the socket or move the jumper back to run position.
  • For the cabinet back and start your computer.

If it’s for your laptop, follow these instructions:

  • Disconnect the power cord.
  • Turn the laptop upside down and remove the battery.
  • Open the hard drive commitment by sliding the cover out.
  • Unscrew and pull out the hard drive.
  • Disconnect the small power lead that connects the clock battery to the motherboard.
  • Keep it disconnected for an hour.
  • You can also find a BIOS reset jumper marked CLRP1, move it to a clear position, and keep it that way for at least an hour.
  • Reassemble your laptop after an hour.

These steps will make sure your bios don’t ask for a password. You can also visit the Acer website for more information.

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How Do I Change The BIOS Password On My Acer Laptop?

There are different ways to change or reset your bios password.

The first way is, turn on your laptop and press the F2 button. When you access BIOS, enter the wrong password three times. You should see “enter unlock password” on the screen. Press enter, and you will see your unlock key. Take a note of the key and go to Enter the key into the search panel, and press send the request. You’ll get your Acer BIOS to unlock the key.

Go back to the BIOS menu and enter the unlock password. Press enter on supervisor password. A box with three password fields will pop up. Enter your unlock key into the first field, which is. The current password field. Leave the new password field and confirm the field blank, and press enter two times. Now your laptop will have no BIOS password.

You can now set a new BIOS password of your liking through the process of setting the BIOS password mentioned previously in the article.

Other ways include:

  • Following the reset procedure on the BIOS chip.
  • Replace the BIOS chip.
  • Removing the BIOS backup battery.
  • Going to the Acer settings management and resetting the BIOS passwords.

How Do I Bypass The BIOS Password In Acer?

The fastest and most effective way to bypass the BIOS password is to remove the CMOS battery. If it’s pulled out, the computer will forget a lot of its hardware settings, including its BIOS password.

Make sure the computer is powered down before removing the battery. Remove the battery and wait thirty minutes to an hour. After that, plug everything back in and enter the BIOS again. If you are not experienced, don’t perform this process because you can destroy your device.


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