Is it Worth Fixing a Laptop Screen?

Probably anyone can agree that one of the most common parts that get broken when it comes to a laptop is its screen. That’s because there are plenty of instances where the screen can get broken such as when you weren’t too careful while carrying the laptop around or when something or someone hits the laptop while it is open. So, when the laptop screen is broken, the first thing you might think of is to fix it. But is it actually worth fixing a laptop screen?

If your laptop is still a few years old and the screen is the only thing that’s damaged, having it repaired should be a good idea. But if your laptop is older and there are other components damaged, repairing it might not be worth it.

A laptop’s screen is one of the most sensitive parts of a laptop because of how it can easily get broken. But, at the same time, the price you would have to pay for a broken laptop screen can be volatile as well especially when there are more than enough components broken too. That said, you might as well look at certain factors that will determine whether or not you should have your laptop’s screen fixed.

Broken Dell Laptop

What can you do when a laptop screen is broken?

When it comes to modern computing, nothing beats the overall convenience and portability that a laptop offers you. Using a laptop for a lot of different everyday tasks is just simply convenient due to how the laptop was primarily designed to be a useful machine thanks to its clamshell form factor where you are basically putting the screen and the keyboard together when you fold it.

But, because of how the laptop is designed and how laptop screens aren’t necessarily the sturdiest materials, it is not uncommon for you to see broken laptop screens. There is even a possibility that broken laptop screens are the most common laptop repair jobs out there as there are just simply plenty of instances where you can break your laptop’s screen. This includes bumping the laptop into something while you are carrying it in your bag. In some cases, someone or something can hit the screen while the laptop is open.

So, in such instances, you will most likely end up with a broken laptop screen or, in the worst-case scenario, a broken screen and a panel that has become detached from the rest of the machine from the hinges. If you indeed end up with a broken laptop screen, what can you do with your laptop?

1.     Use an external monitor

If you still want to find a purpose for a laptop with a broken screen, you can use an external monitor and then connect it to your laptop via the HDMI port. However, this should work if only the laptop’s screen was damaged and if all of the other components are working fine. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the laptop if there are other components that are damaged as well.

2.     Repair it or have it repaired

The next option you have is to repair your laptop screen by buying a new screen and then replacing the broken panel by yourself. However, it will be easier and less risky if you take it to a repair shop to have someone replace the panel with a new one. Either option will be fine as long as you actually know how to DIY a broken laptop screen.

3.     Cut your losses

If there is more than just one component is broken or if replacing your laptop’s screen is quite expensive, you just have to cut your losses and buy a new one. You can still, however, sell or use some of your old laptop’s parts such as its hard drive and RAM.

Is fixing a laptop screen worth it?

Now that you know what you can do with a laptop that has a broken screen, is it really wise to have it repaired? Let’s look at this topic in greater detail.

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It’s usually not just the screen

When a laptop’s screen gets broken, one of the more common reasons why it happened is due to how it may have bumped something while you were transporting it or how it may have been dropped. In such cases, the most obvious damage is the screen but you may not be aware of how there are other components that were damaged as well.

Such components that might have gotten damaged too can include:

  • Laptops case, which is going to be difficult to replace unless you find a laptop with the same make and model.
  • Torn cables can be quite common as well because of how laptop cables are delicate enough that they can get damaged from a drop.
  • Other components can also get cracked as well such as the motherboard and the CPU.
  • Because the hard drive is composed of moving parts, the impact from the fall or the bump can also damage the hard drive as well.

Finding the right components is tough

It’s going to be extremely difficult for you to find the right components for a damaged laptop screen because most manufacturers tend to hold onto their proprietary parts so that you are forced to take your laptop to them in case you want repairs to be done. The only way you can get the parts you need is from junked laptops of the same make and model. But even such instances can be rare as well.

That said, it’s going to be extremely tough to find the right components that can repair a laptop screen because the screen is usually made from proprietary parts. This is not the case when it comes to the other components such as the CPU and hard drive, which can be found almost anywhere.

It’s just not worth it

Even if you can get your hands on the parts you need, we just don’t believe that it generally is worth it to fix your laptop screen especially if there are more parts that have been damaged. If it is only the laptop screen, that won’t be too much of a problem because replacing a broken screen won’t be too tough or too expensive if you do indeed find the parts you need. However, in all other cases, it’s not just worth it, and we’ll explain why.

A computer or laptop that is still a year old is still under warranty, then it still is worth repairing because the warranty is still intact and your laptop’s manufacturer might accept the repairs without charging you a single dime. Of course, it’s going to be painful in your pocket to count your losses with a laptop that is still under a year old.

However, once your laptop is already in its second year, it’s going to be difficult to tell whether or not it still is worth it to have its screen fixed. Some laptops may still be under warranty but there are still some repairs that will cost you extra. Most people would not recommend that you have a laptop repaired if the repair job will cost you close to 50% of the original price, which can happen if you have your laptop screen repaired due to how some other parts may have been damaged as well. Some people would even say that you shouldn’t be paying more than a quarter of the original price for a broken screen.

In the laptop’s third year, that is where we can generalize that it really is not worth repairing it because there will be a lot of problems alongside just a simple broken screen. As such, it would be better for you to cut your losses unless of course it is only the screen that is broken, which is a rare instance in most laptops with broken screens.


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