How To Stop Alexa From Announcing Bluetooth Connection

It can be irritating to constantly hear Alexa announce that you have connected to the device through Bluetooth. It might even be frightening when that happens in the dead of night, which other users have unfortunately experienced. So, how do you stop it?

Here are the steps to stop Alexa from announcing a Bluetooth connection:

  1. Disable announcements through settings.
  2. Turn on Brief Mode.
  3. Disconnect the Bluetooth device connection when not in use.
  4. Turn down the volume to a minimum at night.
  5. Consult Amazon customer support.

Although Amazon itself admits that there is no direct or easy way to turn off Bluetooth connection announcements, I have scoured the Internet for advice from Alexa device users. Here are some tips that have worked for them, in some way or another.

Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 3rd Generation

1. Disable Announcements Through Settings

Amazon has provided a step-by-step tutorial for disabling announcements through settings in your Alexa app. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Alexa.
  2. Look for your device through the Devices > All Devices tab.
  3. Choose Settings then Communications.
  4. Look for Announcements and then turn it off.

After turning off announcements, a Reddit user shared that only a beep sound was made when connecting or disconnecting the Bluetooth connection.

Disable All Features Through Do Not Disturb Mode

Another way to stop Alexa from announcing a bluetooth connection is to disable all features, including announcements. You can set this option for your device only. To do that, talk to Alexa and tell her, “Turn on Do Not Disturb.” This command will then turn off all features and block notifications. However, alarms, timers, and reminders are not disabled.

You can also enable and disable the Do Not Disturb Mode through the Alexa app settings. Open the app, look for Devices, select Echo & Alexa, choose your device, then look for the Do Not Disturb option. This option allows you to turn it on (or off) as needed.

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2. Turn On Brief Mode

Another popular suggestion from users is to turn on the Brief Mode. When this mode is on, Alexa speaks less and gives short sounds, like beeps, instead of voice responses. The steps for enabling brief mode are the following:

  1. Open Settings in the Alexa app.
  2. Choose Voice Responses.
  3. Turn on Brief Mode.

You can also turn off brief mode through the app settings using the same steps.

Although a user shared that only beeping sounds are made when connecting or disconnecting through Bluetooth, they also updated that announcements are still made for playing an audio material.

3. Disconnect the Bluetooth Device Connection When Not in Use

Technically, disconnecting the Bluetooth device when not in use is not a good long-term solution, but it can help avoid getting a surprise announcement while you’re asleep. This is also a step other users have made into a habit after being startled by Alexa in the middle of the night.

Amazon also has a tutorial for unpairing Bluetooth devices from your Echo device. Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Open the Alexa app and choose Devices.
  2. Select Echo & Alexa, then look for your device.
  3. Select Bluetooth Devices, look for the one you want to unpair, and then Forget Device. 
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4. Turn Down the Volume to a Minimum at Night

Turning down the volume is also not an exact solution but helps people get through the night without hearing Alexa announce a Bluetooth connection. Many users advise making this a habit before sleeping.

There are two ways to reduce volume, either voice command or settings. For the first option, you can state, “Alexa, set the volume to [1-10]”. If you opt to do it through settings, open the app, choose Device Settings and look for the specific device. Then, use the audio slider to turn down the volume.

5. Consult Amazon Customer Support

If these tips and other hacks you have thought of still don’t work, it may be time to turn to Amazon customer support for Alexa support. Access the Help & Customer Service through There’s also a forum where Alexa or Amazon users can share their concerns and hope for a solution.

However, disabling the Bluetooth announcement connection has proven, so far, to be a concern that’s hard to address. Amazon has yet to implement a feature or setting that allows for an immediate solution to this problem, but you can check their sites for any future updates. 

What Happens if You Turn Off Bluetooth Connection Announcements From Alexa?

Although many of us might find the Bluetooth connection announcements annoying (and even unnecessary), they do have some importance. It can help ensure that you’re connecting to the correct device and prevent inadvertently broadcasting information you don’t want to be shared.

However, if you opt to avoid the announcements by following one or two of the tips I have shared above, there may be some disadvantages. First off, it would be hard to stay updated and enjoy Alexa’s conveniences, especially when other announcements and features are turned off through the Do Not Disturb Mode.

It’s also a hassle to reconnect Bluetooth devices and turn on and off specific modes (Do Not Disturb or Brief). Turning down the volume every night is also an inconvenience for many.

Turning off Bluetooth Connection announcements can lead to a lack of prompt updates. For instance, the Do Not Disturb mode also blocks calls and messages, so you wouldn’t be informed of them right away. Therefore, you wouldn’t immediately know if connections were unsuccessful.

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Why Can’t I Turn Off Bluetooth Notifications on Alexa?

You can’t turn off Bluetooth notifications on Alexa because Amazon has yet to provide such a feature or setting, which they stated through their Digital and Device Forum. You can follow tips, such as turning off all announcements through the Do Not Disturb Mode, to turn off Bluetooth notifications.

Final Thoughts

So far, most users find that the best solutions for avoiding Bluetooth connection announcements are to turn on the Do Not Disturb or Brief Modes. Other methods, such as disabling Bluetooth devices when not in use and turning down the volume to a minimum, are a hassle for some and not at all an exact, long-term solution. 


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