Can tablets be used for coding?

Manufacturers step up their game as they produce high-quality and high-end tablets that you can use for gaming. New models can now be connected to HDMI devices and other devices with VGA, DisplayPort, and DVI. With the tablets’ versatility, the question is, can tablets be used for coding?

Tablets can be used for coding. However, you need to connect it to a bigger monitor and a Bluetooth keyboard so you can code fast. There is an integrated development environment you can download to start coding.

If you hear some people telling you that tablets can’t be used for coding, here are some reasons why it’s a good alternative to laptops and desktops.

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Are Tablets Good for coding?

In general, a tablet is not good for coding because coding requires a huge memory, standard keyboard size, and large monitor. If you’re coding for a living, a tablet is a big no-no. With the heavy workload you’re expecting to get, it’s a wise decision to use a heavy-duty device to withstand the workload.

If you’re a coding enthusiast and you want to hone your skills in coding, a tablet is acceptable to use. PCs and laptops made for coding are expensive and it’s not practical to buy if you’re just starting. Although it’s highly recommended to buy it, if you don’t have a budget for the pricey devices, a tablet can be used in the meantime. It’s better to get started with a non-pro tool than not starting at all, right?

So, don’t get frustrated when you find articles around the web telling you that it’s not possible to code on a tablet. You can even write a code on a piece of paper but having a device helps you to see the actual output of the code. Fortunately, we’re lucky at this point because several compiler/developer environments run on a tablet. It only means that it’s possible to code on a tablet.

The only concern of many experts is the inconvenience of using a tablet because it has a small monitor. You can solve this problem by buying an HDMI-ready tablet so you can connect it to a bigger screen.

However, expect that coding will be challenging because tablets don’t allow you to use multiple monitors. Multiple monitors allow you to open several windows as you do the coding. Through multiple windows, you can view the changes you made with ease.

Coding uses a lot of symbols, which is inconvenient if you use the pre-installed keyboard on your tablet. In this case, buying a Bluetooth keyboard for your tablet can solve the problem. Don’t forget to buy a mouse as well as it’ll make the coding easier.

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Can I do coding on an Android tablet?

You can do coding on an Android tablet as developers created an integrated development environment (IDE) that is compatible with tablets. But not all IDEs are the same. So, I decided to share with you the essential requirements that an IDE must have for convenient code writing.

When choosing an IDE, you just need to check if it has minimal syntax highlighting support. Programmers’ thoughts are divided when it comes to this requirement because some find it useful while some find it irritating to use. The syntax highlighting helps the user to understand the code structure on the screen fast. However, in some cases, it highlights keywords with the least information. When deciding on an IDE, a minimal syntax highlight support is a go-to.

Another requirement for a good IDE is code completion. This requirement has three options such as snippets, cache-based code completion, and context-aware code completion.

Snippets are helpful because, with the press of keys and some key combinations, you can see the abbreviations in the code line. The cache-based code completion requires you to key in a word that allows you to see all the variants present in a cache.

The context-aware code completion provides variants that are suitable for the coding. Some variants help in reducing typos and common coding mistakes to speed up the coding application process.

The popular IDE you can use includes AIDE or Android SDK, Terminal IDE or mini-Linux in your pocket, QPython and Ruboto. These IDEs are perfect for desktops and laptops. Yet, these IDEs are also available in the tablet version. Some IDEs offer a complete package while some lack the features that you need. So, before you download it, it’s better to review each IDE.

You must also check different features such as code writing style, message display debugging, and version control system integration.

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Can I develop apps using Android Tablet?

You can develop apps using an Android tablet but it depends on the specifications of your tablet. If you’re planning to do a graphic intensive app, you must use a tablet ideal for gaming. CPU and RAM are also important to avoid lag and to allow you to load data on the tablet. You can use external storage or cloud storage if extra space is needed.

It’s worth an investment to buy a high-end tablet if this is the only option you have. Although it’s expensive, it’s still cheaper than laptops and desktops. The specification of the tablet must not be compromised if you’ll use it for coding and developing apps to provide the efficiency you need.

In addition, you must choose the right operating system for the program you plan to develop. You must also make sure that your tablet is OTG capable or a smartphone where you can run the app. It’s an efficient way to test the apps you’re developing.

Coding or programming takes a lot of practice before you can develop a good app. If this is the career path you want to take, you don’t need to wait longer before buying the best laptop or PC. You can start on small projects and learn along the way. When it’s time to do complicated codes, you may have the money to buy a laptop or PC. In coding, you need to have a creative idea and you need to start as fast as you can. And the tablet is the best tool to start your programming dreams.

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