Top 12 Drones Under 250g You Don’t Need A License (June 2021)


The Top 12 Drones Under 250g you don’t need to register are,

  1. The Mavic Mini
  2. Zuhafa T5 Foldable
  3. JJRC GPS Drone
  4. Hubsan H216A X4 H107
  5. Hubsan H216A x4
  6. SYMA X20 MINI
  8. Syma Z1 Foldable
  9. Holy Stone HS170
  10. Holy Stone HS210 Mini
  11. Holy Stone HS160
  12. Blade Inductrix

We have a look at the Best 12 Drones under 250g  or 0.55lbs. No license or registration is required.

We help you discover 12 Drones that are really popular right now because you can buy them and fly them. You don’t need to get a license or bother registering your Quad for recreational use.

Something that really frustrated me and ended up being the driver for this article was finding a Drone under 250g or 1/2 a pound. You have to look really hard to find what they weigh in the fine print. If the Drones are overweight, some manufacturers hide them for some reason. Maybe it affects sales?

So, we did the research, found 12 of the best, and listed them here for you to look over. Now, I’m not going to provide any fake reviews. The Drones I own, or I have flown, I provide some reviews for you. I have also listed other great options for you to look at.

The Drones I have never owned or operated. However, I researched, spoke to colleagues, checked the many reviews on Amazon, etc., to develop this list. As a result, I am fairly confident the products we have listed here are good quality, fairly priced, and are great value for the money.

What You Will Find In This Article

Below is a summary of the top 12 drones we’ve researched. All of them are of good quality, some more expensive than others. It typically depends on features like camera quality, flight modes, and flight time.

Also important in the article, below the list, we look at some of the questions you may have before you buy and questions you may have after you make your purchase.

Each question will have a little summary and a link to a resource on our website with a full article to review if that interests you.

Some answers to your FAQ about Drones Under 1/2 pound or 250g

No FAA or Transport Canada Registration Required

Owning and flying a Drone Under 250g or 0.55lbs is becoming more and more popular. Specifically, because you do not need to jump through a ton of hoops to own and fly one.

As a matter of fact, we have a complete Guide in a post about How to own and fly a Drone with no license or registration here. A must-read.

In fact, our whole website is dedicated to helping you find answers to the most common questions relating to buying and flying a drone under ½ a pound or 250g.

The beauty of owning these little Quads, among other reasons, is you don’t need to register them with the FAA or Transport Canada. You don’t need a license either. You buy it, take it home (Read the owner’s manual) and fly it. Easy as that.

The following are some popular frequently asked questions we get. Read the ones that interest you, as I said earlier there is a resource link in each question for more in-depth information for you.

Do I Need A License To Fly A Drone?

No, Not if it weights less than ½ a pound or 250g depending on your country. Using the DJI Mavic Mini (available on Amazon) as an example, it only weighs 249g so you don’t need to register it or have a license. For a full explanation read this article Cost to get a Drone license.

Do I Need To Register My Drone?

No. Again, not if your Drone weights under ½ a pound or 250g. Drones over that weight require registration and you need to get a license to fly it. Some regulations and requirements vary between the USA and Canada, slightly.

Check out your country’s regulations here in the USA – FAA FAA Getting Started and
Canada – Transport Canada. Flying your drone safely and legally – Transport Canada
We have a resource for you here on our website 

White drone flying inside the building.

Can I Fly My Drone Indoors?

Yes, absolutely. At the time of writing this article, I am in quarantine like everyone else. If you are past the lockdown there are other times you may want to fly your Drone indoors.

For example, during the winter months or when it’s raining or really windy outside. A word of caution…There are a number of issues when flying indoors.

For example, You should be disabling the GPS if your Drone is equipped with one. A personal suggestion when flying indoors, stay away from your curtains! It’s not pretty.

We have a complete article about flying indoors; Can I Fly My Drone Indoors? How to Fly Safely Inside]

Do I Need Drone Insurance?

While it is not required for you to obtain insurance on your drone for recreational use, it is recommended that you Insure your drone with liability insurance and damage insurance, for commercial use.

Some home insurance policies, like mine, cover basic insurance. For Drones under 250g, it is not required for recreational use. Having said that we have a complete guide, including insurance companies in both the USA and Canada, that offer Drone Insurance. Do I need Drone Insurance? Top 10 Drone Insurance Providers (CAN USA)


Here are the most popular Drones Under 1/2 Lb or 250g this summer

DJI Mavic Mini 2 – Excellent Option

The Best Drone Under 250g

This new Foldable DJI Mavic Mini 2 (available on Amazon), entry-level Drone looks awesome. The most exciting feature? It weighs LESS than 250g. We love this Drone. Its a game-changer.

Being under 1/2 a pound or 250g, This is huge!  It means in most countries you will not need to register this Drone. So, in Canada and the USA, no registration required.

I predict this Drone will be the most popular entry-level Drone in the world by Christmas 2020.

Having a look at the specs, it looks really good.  This would be the perfect starter Drone.  The flight reviews all indicate it is really easy to fly. I love to fly it.

I have a Phantom 3 Pro as well and this little guy is as much fun to fly as its big brothers. Even the Camera, at 2.7K, is excellent. It takes really good pictures and video footage.

It would be a great Drone to get if you’re just starting out or get your kids one for Christmas or a Birthday.


Zuhafa T5 GPS Drone with 4K Camera – Great Value

This is a Sweet Deal. I came across the Zuhafa T5 drone (available on Amazon) from a colleague who ordered one late last year. I was out flying my Mavic Mini and he offered to let me try it out.

For under $200 US it has a ton of features. GPS and a 4K camera. It’s amazing really, for the price.

I found it flew very well. Nice and stabler and the video quality for the price is good.

If you’re on a budget, this would be a great starter Drone!

JJRC H73G GPS – Budget

At the time I wrote this article this was one of the better Drones Under 250g.
The manufacturer claims its weight at 246g

Another great portable Quad, perfect for hikers and backpackers and the young traveler. It is foldable and lightweight.

This, for the money, is a great deal. Come with a 2K HD Camera, 5G WiFi, great for FPV.  Nice selection of flight modes,  Follow Me and Altitude Hold 

The JJRC H73 (available on Amazon) is a great budget-priced Drone. I had the opportunity to fly this little Quad when I was in the States for a meetup.

I found it reliable, has good battery life for the price, but the camera is not that great. Having said that, if you are just starting out this would be a great option to learn the basics before you spend more cash on a better Drone.

Hubsan x4 H107 – Good Quality

The Hubsan x4 (available on Amazon) is a great beginner Drone for Kids and Adults just starting out. I have not flown this exact Drone.

I own two Hubsan Drones and overall they produce great quality, excellent value for money, Drones. I would not be concerned about purchasing any Hubsan Drone. Check the reviews on Amazon before you buy it.


Hubsan H216A – Good Quality

The Hubsan H216A (available on Amazon) is a great beginner Drone for Kids and Adults just starting out. I have not flown this exact Drone.

This is another good quality Hubsan Drone. A great starter, easy to fly and safe for kids. If you are currently in lockdown or live in an area prone to wind and cold temperatures, this Drone is great to fly indoors.

Check the reviews on Amazon before you buy it.


Syma X20 – Kids Starter

Syma has produced some really great beginner Drones. Some are so popular they are hard to keep in stock. The Syma X20 (available on Amazon) is a pocket Drone for younger kids.

It has a few good features like headless mode and altitude hold, which help younger pilots learn how to fly safely.

Check out the reviews on Amazon.


Syma Z1 – Hikers Delight

Syma has started to produce a few good-quality foldable Drones. If you are into Hiking, Backpacking, or traveling, the Z1 (available on Amazon) may be a good Drone for you to look at.

Check out the reviews on Amazon


Holy Stone HS170 – Beginner Pilots

Holy Stone has become more popular over the last few years. It seems they flooded the market with a ton of different models, like the HS170 available on Amazon, but if you ok closely, in my opinion, they are very similar Drones, the difference being features.

I have never owned one but colleagues I fly with ave, and they seem to like them. The quality is not the same as a Hubsan or nowhere close to DJI but for a beginner Drone is a great value for money option.

Check out the reviews on Amazon


Holy Stone HS210 – Beginner Pilots

The HS210 (available on Amazon) is a good starter Drone for kids. It’s also a great option for flying indoors. It’s safe and fun to fly. Check out the specks below. This beginner Drone is great value for money.

Check out the reviews on Amazon.


Holy Stone HS160 – Beginner Pilots

The HS160 (available on Amazon) is another good beginner Drone. Very basic but good value for your money. I have never owned one so check out the great reviews on Amazon before you buy it.

Our research indicates this Drone would be a great contender for new pilots young and old. You don’t have to break the bank to see if you enjoy the hobby.

Check out the reviews on Amazon.


Blade Inductrix – Beginner Pilots

My first Drone was the Blade Nano QX (available on Amazon). What I like about Blade Products are how durable they are. Let face it, you crash a lot when you are just starting out.

Blade has a reputation for producing durable Quads. This Drone is another great option for flying indoors. Also great for kids learning how to fly.

Check out the reviews on Amazon.

Blade Inductrix


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